White Water Rafting at Kern River

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sporanox costo tutor On June 15-17 the troop drove close to 4 hours to the Kern River! At the river we used inflatable rafts with up to 8 people in one and two person kayaks. After that, the boys earned the white water rafting merit badge and to end the night, they watched a special movie presentation provided by the camp!

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Little Jimmy’s Backpacking Campout Posted on Updated on

company website On May 18-20 the troop went backpacking to Little Jimmy’s. On Saturday May 19 we went on a hike to Mt. Baden Powell which is nearly 6 miles and about 1,000 feet in elevation gain! Unfortunately, some of the boys got lost and it took some time to get them back. We learned a lot from this and hopefully we can do better next time.

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Camporee at Firestone

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April 14-16 we went to the annual Temescal District Camporee at Firestone Boy Scout Reservation in Cubland. We were tested on our boy scout knowledge with many activities ranged from archery to knowing our 10 essentials. We actually won the awards for all of us having our 10 essentials!

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Ladder Canyon and Border Patrol Tour in Mesa, California

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On March 16-18 the troop went on a hike on Ladder Canyon which had the boys climb ladders up steep rocks and cliffs. At the top of the canyon we could see all of Mesa to the Salton Sea. After the hike, we went to the Border Patrol Station in Indio where Mr. Sanchez showed us what he does there and showed us the equipment he uses. Then we used one of the pepper ball guns in the backyard with night vision goggles!


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