Court of Honor

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On October 30 our troop had a court of honor where we give out ranks and badges to the scouts who earn them! Michael earned his scout, Mathew earned his second class, and Tyler, Diego, and Jonavan earned their first class badge! We also had dinner and handed out merit badges! 🙂

Masters of Ceremony~ Connor B and Diego C

Published by Tyler F~ Troop Historian


Miramar Air Show

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On October 2, 3 and 4 we camped out at Guajome Regional Park and watched the Miramar air show at the Marine Corps Air Station MIramar near San Diego! Eleven scouts attended the event. At the air show we saw planes fly over our heads, got free stuff, saw the wall of fire, ROBOSAURUS and we got pizza 😆

Posted By Tyler F. ~ Troop Historian:)

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Webeloree 2015

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On September 18, 19 and 20, we went to Prado Regional Park in Chino for the 2015 Webeloree! 24 boy scouts and 12 webelos from packs 393 and 2399 attended the outing. We taught the webelos how to tie knots, how to do orienteering, how to safely build a fire and how to fish! In the afternoon we played games such as mine field, toxic waste, slack line and the ski race. At night we went on a night hike and had fun around the campfire! 😆

Posted by Tyler F., Troop Historian


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